Source code for flask_restplus.resource

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from flask import request
from flask.views import MethodView
from werkzeug.wrappers import BaseResponse

from .model import ModelBase

from .utils import unpack

[docs]class Resource(MethodView): ''' Represents an abstract RESTPlus resource. Concrete resources should extend from this class and expose methods for each supported HTTP method. If a resource is invoked with an unsupported HTTP method, the API will return a response with status 405 Method Not Allowed. Otherwise the appropriate method is called and passed all arguments from the url rule used when adding the resource to an Api instance. See :meth:`~flask_restplus.Api.add_resource` for details. ''' representations = None method_decorators = [] def __init__(self, api=None, *args, **kwargs): self.api = api
[docs] def dispatch_request(self, *args, **kwargs): # Taken from flask meth = getattr(self, request.method.lower(), None) if meth is None and request.method == 'HEAD': meth = getattr(self, 'get', None) assert meth is not None, 'Unimplemented method %r' % request.method for decorator in self.method_decorators: meth = decorator(meth) self.validate_payload(meth) resp = meth(*args, **kwargs) if isinstance(resp, BaseResponse): return resp representations = self.representations or {} mediatype = request.accept_mimetypes.best_match(representations, default=None) if mediatype in representations: data, code, headers = unpack(resp) resp = representations[mediatype](data, code, headers) resp.headers['Content-Type'] = mediatype return resp return resp
def __validate_payload(self, expect, collection=False): ''' :param ModelBase expect: the expected model for the input payload :param bool collection: False if a single object of a resource is expected, True if a collection of objects of a resource is expected. ''' # TODO: proper content negotiation data = request.get_json() if collection: data = data if isinstance(data, list) else [data] for obj in data: expect.validate(obj, self.api.refresolver, self.api.format_checker) else: expect.validate(data, self.api.refresolver, self.api.format_checker)
[docs] def validate_payload(self, func): '''Perform a payload validation on expected model if necessary''' if getattr(func, '__apidoc__', False) is not False: doc = func.__apidoc__ validate = doc.get('validate', None) validate = validate if validate is not None else self.api._validate if validate: for expect in doc.get('expect', []): # TODO: handle third party handlers if isinstance(expect, list) and len(expect) == 1: if isinstance(expect[0], ModelBase): self.__validate_payload(expect[0], collection=True) if isinstance(expect, ModelBase): self.__validate_payload(expect, collection=False)